About Us


Welcome to Pathson! We’re the place you go to find the best prices on Lighting. Since launching in 2014 
from eBay&Amazon,Pathson has evolved into one of UK’s & US’s favourite online retailers with over 
25000 products, 1000 suppliers and an endless list of local and international brands. We launch new 
products every day and thousands monthly to keep you coming back.


Whether it’s a Contemporary Lighting, Industrial style or the latest trend, you will find it on our forever expanding site. Our dedicated
and passionate team will ship it to you with swift delivery times and provide world class after sales service. We’re not just any online
marketplace; we are a platform for internet businesses to succeed online whilst providing the best value for our loyal customers. At Pathson 
we are negotiators, innovators and trend forward individuals working hard to ensure your satisfaction exceeds your expectations.


We thrive on customer satisfaction and that is why we make it a priority to pass on maximum cost advantage to our customers. We believe
that everyone deserves quality and that is why we say no to heavy price tags! Shopping should be convenient, easy and stress free and that
is why we do what we do.

We ship from United Kingdom or United States.

Our Hong kong based Customer Service Team offers prompt and personal customer service with a 48 business hour response time.Secure
payment process ensures stress-free shopping when you buy from us. All payments are processed through the PayPal.