Perfect Bathroom Wall Sconce

Posted by caiyun 11/07/2018 0 Comment(s)

These sconces are beautiful--exactly what we were looking for. They give our guest bath the classic, vintage farmhouse look we were going for. It's difficult to find fixtures with a black finish and clear shades for a decent price, so I was excited to find these. Our electrician installed them so I can't speak to whether they were difficult to install or not, but they hang nicely and feel pretty sturdy (as sturdy as a glass shade hanging from a 6 inch "stick" can feel). A regular light bulb kind of throws the look of these off because it is too short for the long shades. Edison bulbs look perfect, and if you don't want the dim, yellow light of an Edison, amazon sells LED versions with different light temperatures. I bought warm white because we wanted functional light for our guests.


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